Monday, March 29, 2010

Music Monday: Easy Star All-Stars

The EasyStar All-Stars are a reggae collective with a rotating cast of singers and musicians from New York's reggae, ska, jazz, and dub scene. Using their musical skills and reggae roots, they transform (already good) popular albums into something a little more dub. Their first album, Dub Side of the Moon, was a reggae re-imagining of Pink Floyd's classic album. Not just a remake, the All-Stars' version stands on its own as the rare homage worthy of the album it reflects. Here is their version of the song "Money"(just audio):

The next album they made was "Radiodread", a reggae take on various Radiohead songs, adding a new element of fun and danceability to some awesomely dour tunes. Here, their take on "No Surprises" from OK Computer:

The most recent Easy Star All-Stars project takes on the Fab Four with their Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band. They play with a bunch of friends on this one who are pretty well known in their own right. Here, their "Getting Better" with The Mighty Diamonds:

Listening to the Easy Dub All-Stars is a new and fun way to rock out to your favorite songs, and their live shows are ridiculously fun. Look here for tour dates and at their website for more info, merchandise, and videos!

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