Monday, April 5, 2010

Music Monday: Reggae Fest

Every year around this time, downhill winter sports and the rasta state of mind converge to create one of the most fun times to be had at the mountain: Reggae Fest at Sugarloaf! Coming the weekend after next, from the 15th to the 18th, it is possibly THE most awesome time to go skiing or snowboarding each year! Free music on the slopes by day and in the bars by night, reggae rolling out of speakers on the lift towers as you ascend, and all kinds of funky drinks (like jello shots in giant syringes, for some reason) abound! We highly recommend that you save the drinking until after your day of skiing, as the combination of the two can easily go awry.

All music during the day on Saturday and Sunday is free and open to all ages. These bands include Mighty Mystic, Trumystic, Jsan & the Analogue Sons, TOSH-1 (son of Peter Tosh), and Ila Mawana.

Here is Tosh-1 performing "Legalize it":

Headlining bands playing at night are Inner Circle(Fun Fact: Inner Circle sings, "Bad Boys", which many of you probably recognize as the theme song from the show Cops), Kenyatta Hill, and TOSH-1, all of whom will be playing inside with tickets required, as well as a valid ID showing that you are over 21.

Whether you can get up there for the whole weekend or just a day trip, it is a unique event that is always a great time. Gather all your buddies, prepare to rock out to the music, and be confident in the trail conditions, as the good folks at Sugarloaf always make lots of snow for this event! We hope to see you there!

More information here.

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