Monday, March 22, 2010

And the winner is. . .

We had to pick two winners, because we think both of these bands are awesome. Actually, we really dug all of your suggestions (except we aren't sure who this "Grateful Dead" band is), and are bummed that we can't carry all of their merchandise.

Winner number one, with an overwhelming majority vote:

Enter the Haggis! This Toronto Celtic rock band brings it like no other, with energetic performances and a unique sound that is ridiculously fun to dance to. Check out the video below if you haven't seen them yet:

Check out their web page where you can listen to more tunes and stay up-to-date on their touring schedule. It looks like the closest they are coming to us Mexicali Mainers in the near future is Lowell, Mass on April 8. It's only $10 and could be a fun road trip!

Also winning in the votes is Wilco!

photo by Guus Krol

We really hope you have heard Wilco! A Chicago band formed in 1994, they create awesome rock that is sometimes slightly country-fried, but in a good way. Check out Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, one of their best albums in a catalogue of solid goodness. Here's a cool music video where they are jumping out of an airplane! Also, their website will provide you with lots of photos, tour dates, and information; so check it out if you dig what they do!

Honorable mentions go to Jack Johnson and Michael Franti & Spearhead. These guys are great at making music and also have awesome and admirable takes on the world and how to make a difference in it. As in 2008, Jack Johnson will donate 100% of his tour profits to charity. He also contributed to the Best of Bonnaroo album at Music for Action, an organization dedicated to passing a new Climate bill (read about it further down this here!). You can visit his website here.

The music of Michael Franti & Spearhead is indisputably inspiring, without ever being schmaltzy. His lyrics are able to lift you up even when he is singing something sad, and the rhythms and tunes themselves add a whole other element of joyfulness and soul. Here's his website.

We love all these bands/musicians, and we also love you for voting for your favorites! Keep your eyes peeled for Enter the Haggis and Wilco merchandise arriving in our stores and on the web soon!


  1. Hour and a half drive and ten dollar tickets for Enter the Haggis? I'd be all over that if I were lucky enough to have them come anywhere near that close on tour.

  2. ETH Goes ALL over the place. They've hit Colorado, and I think they're in New Mexico tonight.

    That reminds me, did you guys know that They stream most of their shows online, and LIVE? Yup. It's totally free, and really a great Idea on their part. Just hit their website ( and click on "ETH TV." I'd also suggest finding them on Twitter, as they often send tweets with the info for their shows. As in, when they'll be going on and playing.

    Really, they're a great band with a unique twist on... EVERYTHING. The kind of artistic twist that everyone loves.
    Sooo... umm... yeah. I've said all I need to.