Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday: The Brew

The Brew are a quartet from Amesbury, Massachusetts that cull their inspiration and influence from a variety of genres. Flowing from rock to funk to reggae to jazz, sometimes in a single song, these guys like to jam it out. Though their musical output is far from constant parody, they show off their sense of humor when they play, having a habit of playing old television theme songs (watch them play the Family Matters theme song here) and naming some of their own songs after favorite characters from said shows (their song, Stefon Erkel, performed in Starks, Maine).

If you're from New England and you're digging their sound, get psyched because they are constantly touring around these parts. Check out their touring calender to be in the loop as they add more dates to their schedule!

Visit their website for all manner of Brew news, pictures, videos, songs, and merchandise, including their newest album, Back to The Woods. Also, their Youtube page is filled with more live video, and some other goodies like their documentary on the making of Back to The Woods.

We like The Brew and hope you do as well!

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