Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The DRA Great Salt Bay Music Fest: Roots, Rock n’ Reggae

A Rasta Peace Patch turns any outfit into a reggae celebration!

One of our favorite local Maine events is back and better than ever! The Roots, Rock n' Reggae Fest is a musical extravaganza of good vibes and great tunes, taking place at one of our very favorite places--the Salt Bay Farm in Damariscotta! Owned by the Damariscotta River Association, the Salt Bay Farm is on 100 acres of protected land in the Great Salt Bay. The Damariscotta River Association is an awesome organization, dedicated to preserving and promoting the natural, cultural, and historical heritage of the Damariscotta River and surrounding areas. Many of the places we love to hike in the midcoast are being protected and maintained by the DRA---in short, they rock!

Last year's Reggae by the Bay celebration was awesome, and we are super psyched for this year's event, taking place this Saturday, July 23 from 10:30AM to 5:00PM. A fun event for the whole family, there is great food, tasty drinks, and awesome music surrounded by the gorgeous backdrop of stunning fields and forest.

Singer/songwriter Bruce Hardina will get the party started at 11:00AM, with his warm melodies and insightful lyrics easing the crowd into an awesome day as his tunes skip and tumble from reflective to rockin'.

Following Hardina's mellow grooves, the New Rangers will take the stage at noon with their unique blend of folk and country-roots rock.

Gypsy Tailwind will rock your socks off at 1:30, playing soulful Americana with a modern twist. See them performing their original song "Spirits" below:

Next up is some awesome reggae with festival favorite Beat Horizon. Known for their high-energy reggae, there is no way you will be able to listen to this band without getting up and grooving!

Mexicali Blues is proud to be sponsoring this event with other local businesses, and all proceeds support the conservation and education work of the Damariscotta River Association. "Tickets are on sale now at Maine Coast Bookstore in Damariscotta, Mexicali Blues in Newcastle, and also at DRA headquarters at 110 Belvedere Road in Damariscotta. Prices are $20 in advance, $25 at the gate, children 12 and under free. A single ticket is good for the entire day, granting access to all four performances. This year, hoping to make the concert more accessible to teens and young adults, the DRA will offer a special student price of $10 in advance and $15 at the gate. Volunteers are needed and receive free admission and a t-shirt." More info can be found at the DRA website.

Come join us for a fun and fabulous day of awesome music and great times! We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Magic Wrap Skirt Style Tutorial: Thai Princess Dress

Step 1: Pull the magic skirt straight out on both sides, behind your torso

Step 2: Bring one side of the skirt across the front of your body and around, passing the tie on the end around behind your neck.

Step 3: Pull the tie that has gone around behind your neck under your arm and back to the front.

Step 4: Tie the two ties under your bust, creating a pretty empire waist.

Step 5: Go show off your lovely bohemian style!

Magic Wrap Skirt Style Tutorial: Bohemian Shrug

Step 1: Pull your magic skirt out on both sides, behind your shoulders.

Step 2: Wrap it around you like a cape and tie in front of your chest.

Step 3: Pull the ties behind your back again and cross them, switching hands and bringing them back to the front in the opposite hands.

Step 4: Tie the ties under your bust.

Step 5: Go out and rock this awesome shrug!

Magic Wrap Skirt Style Tutorial: Butterfly Kimono Top

Step 1: Hold your magic skirt out on both sides, behind your hips.

Step 2: Bring the right side up over your shoulder, keeping your grasp on the end and pulling your right hand back down towards your waist.

Step 3: Take hold of that end with your left hand hand. Using your right hand, pull the tie on the other side across your chest and up.

Step 4: Pull the strand in your right hand around your neck and back around, under your left arm and back towards your front.

Step 5: Bring the strand in your left hand around your back and back to the front, circling around your waist.
Step 6: Tie the two strands in the front, around your waist.

Step 7: Enjoy getting compliments on your exotic new look!

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Whether this trend is driven by nostalgia for the carefree days of Summer camp, or simply love for colorful accessories that are a little bit rustic, friendship bracelets are all over the fashion world right now! Combined and layered on top of one another, they can make a colorful cuff of woven whimsy that adds an awesome edge to your casual bohemian style. Paired with bangle bracelets or a sophisticated gemstone bracelet, these fun fashion accessories are striking in their exotic chevron patterns, creating a look that is at once elegantly worldly and funky!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Magic Wrap Skirt Style Tutorial: Jungle Tunic

Step 1: Stretch your magic skirt out across your back & behind your torso, with the longer layer facing outwards, away from your body.

Step 2: Bring the sides in and criss-cross the straps over your collarbone.

Step 3: Tie the ties behind your neck in a knot or bow.

Step 4: Grasp the outer (longer layer) of the skirt and pull it out to your sides.

Step 5: Cross the outer skirt later behind your back.

Step 6: Pull the crossed skirt sides back around to the front.

Step 7: Knot the crossed outer skirt layer under your bust.

Step 8: Go somewhere awesome & show off your exotic new look!

Magic Skirt Style Tutorial: Goddess Halter Top

Step 1: Pull the magic skirt straight out on both sides, in front of your torso.

Step 2: Wrap the skirt all the way around you, pulling the strands on each side to form a comfortably snug tube.

Step 3: Cross the straps over your collar bone and tie them in a bow behind your neck.

Step 4: Go rock your new bohemian look!

Magic Wrap Skirt Style Tutorial: Athena Tunic

Step 1: Pull the magic skirt straight out on both sides, behind your torso

Step 2: Bring one side of skirt across the front of your body and around, passing the tie on the end under your arm.

Step 3: Wrap the other side of the skirt around the opposite side of your torso and up over your shoulder, bringing it behind and around your neck.

Step 4: Tie the two strands together under your arm and tuck the knot or bow underneath.

Step 5: Get out into the world & show off your sweet hippie style!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Magic Wrap Skirt Style Tutorial: Island Dress

Step 1: Pull the magic skirt straight out on both sides, in front of your torso.

Step 2: Wrap skirt around your torso and bring the ties around to your front.

Step 3: Pull each tie through the center hole in the waistband (you may need to twist the skirt a bit to the right or left to get it comfortably centered).

Step 4: Tie the strands that come out of the hole in a bow behind your neck.

Step 5: Grasp the outer layer of the skirt and knot on the side.

Step 6: Go show off your pretty new bohemian style!

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