Monday, June 14, 2010

Music Monday: She & Him

She & Him is a indie-folk duo who plays cheerful retro pop that sounds like a Summer afternoon. Zooey Deschanel writes songs, sings and plays piano, while M. Ward plays guitar, produces, and sings back-up. Deschanel is an actress, and Ward is a successful musician in his own right; when their powers combine, the result is a pleasantly lo-fi sound through which her quirky-pretty voice leads the way and his strumming stylings lend subtle charm. They have two albums, called Volume One and Volume Two.

Fun fact:For their first album, they began their collaboration through email, each recording little pieces and sending them back and forth to be added to by the other.

Here's a sweet video from their first album:

And here's a cute one with lots of dancing from their newest album:

Check out their website here for more She & Him fun, and come see them on day 2 of the Nateva Festival in Oxford, Maine this summer!

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