Monday, June 7, 2010

Music Monday: Grizzly Bear

The music of Grizzly Bear is filled with surprising turns of melody and unique, lovely harmonies that sweep you up like waves. The songs that start to feel too epic and prog-rock-ish always swing back at the last moment into a sublime and wholly unexpected groove. Their earlier albums seemed to ramble a long way at times(which is great, if that's what you're into), but on Veckatamist, their newest album, their songs are more cleanly cohesive and it really works for them. Here is one of their most pop-driven, accessible songs off of the new album. This video is not the official one, but it is really sweet!

Grizzly Bear initially began as a project by one of the band's singers, Ed Droste, who released an album called Horn of Plenty with the help of drummer Christopher Bear (not a stage name). It was originally intended as simply a loose and lo-fi apartment recording to share with friends. It somehow became more than that, however, and so they got two more fellows (Chris Taylor and Daniel Rossen) to join and make it a band. These two have a side band, the amazing and wonderful Department of Eagles. Here's one of our favorite Department of Eagles songs with an awesome video:

Besides the fact that their music rocks, we really like Grizzly Bear because they put out a lot of strange and interesting music videos, and the painted cover art for their most recent release, Vecketamist, and on their website, is creatively colorful (and that's how we like it!). Here is a good song from the album Yellow House with an odd video:

Here's a really cool video from their newest album:

We are super psyched to see Grizzly Bear when they play on day 2 of the Nateva Festival, this July in Oxford, Maine! Check out the Grizzly Bear website here for more goodness!

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