Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mexicali Blues Summer Concert: Marie Moreshead & Connor Garvey

Mexicali Blues in Freeport, Maine

It's no secret that Mexicali Blues loves music. Not only is our name taken from a Grateful Dead song, but anyone who has been inside the stores has probably spotted the rather extensive collection of band t-shirts and stickers in the midst of all the gemstone jewelry and Buddha sculptures. Perhaps you have even seen store employees drumming on the counter and grooving a bit to the tunes playing over store speakers as they fold scarves and tapestries.

Over the years, Mexicali has helped to sponsor and arrange concerts by up-and-coming artists, like the Dave Matthews Band who opened for the Samples in 1994. The store sponsored and helped found the Roots & Reggae on the Bay fest, which will be happening again this year on July 31st in Damariscotta. From annual concerts like the Up North Festival or Pier Review to one-off gigs at the Camden and Boothbay Opera Houses, Mexicali owners and employees are always there, ready to rock out and lend a hand where needed.

This year on June 26, Mexicali Blues will be having our first show at one of our own retail locations, on Bow street in Freeport! The two talented musicians who will be rocking your socks off are Connor Garvey and Marie Moreshead, singer/songwriters and musicians extraordinaire.

Connor Garvey plays folk-funk on guitar and ukulele, using unexpected rhythms and chord progressions to provide pleasing melodic backgrounds to his smooth and soulful singing. His lyrics are unique and thoughtful, and the yarns he spins will suck you in. Don't be surprised if you find yourself inexplicably smiling and wanting to sing along when you see him play! Check out his MySpace page here.

Marie Moreshead is a pop-folk songstress never without her acoustic guitar, with a sweet and undeniably pretty voice and lyrics that make you see the sunny side of life, even when the words are sad. She was named one of Portland's Top Ten Artists to Watch in 2009, and when you see her live, you will wholeheartedly agree! Legend has it that Moreshead used to work at the Mexicali store in Portland before she took to becoming a full-time music-maker. Visit her lovely website here.

Gather your lawn chairs or blankets, and come join Marie Moreshead, Connor Garvey, and Mexicali Blues on the lawn of the Freeport Store on June 26, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, for some musical magic, good vibes, and an all-around amazing afternoon!

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