Thursday, December 29, 2011

Watching The Moon: Tracking Lunar Phases in 2012

The moon is a powerful force of nature that has long captivated humankind with its ethereal beauty and mystical wonder. It is connected strongly to the changing of the tides, and many people believe it connects to human and animal behavior as well. Although much of the evidence is purely anecdotal, we have seen our pets get weird around the full moon, and experienced sleepless nights when the moon is at its fullest even with the curtains closed.

There are many myths and legends about the moon that have persisted over time; it is often considered to represent feminine energy or the "earth mother". Some who believe in crystal energy believe that the full moon is an ideal time to cleanse your crystals, by placing them on a moon-facing windowsill on their own or in a glass of water. Hunters and fishermen have noted that animals and fish seem to easier to find under the light of the full moon, due to increased activity as well as brighter light. The moon also plays an integral part in astrology, and is considered to represent our hidden inner selves, with full moons and eclipses representing times of rebirth and change.

You can keep track of the moon by looking out the window and guessing, but we just love this lunar phase calender for telling us when the moon will be full, new, waxing, or waning. Available in a variety of colors, this useful chart will help you track the moon phases throughout 2012!

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